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What is Black Belt Schools International?

Black Belt Schools International (BBSI) is an association of independent martial arts schools. The concept was first introduced in 1992 as Black Belt Schools of America by Greg Silva. The goal was to have a professional organization to help promote the benefits of martial arts training and to help professionalize instructors and schools alike. There are standards of operation for our members to live by in order to offer the best in training and training facilities.

Blue Dragon Martial Arts is an autonomous school and part of a greater network called Black Belt Schools International. This means when you join our family, you have the advantage of linking arms with hundreds of schools in many countries.

Black Belt Schools International is a highly acclaimed organization. With our association Blue Dragon stays up-to-date on the latest and most effective self-defense techniques, teaching methods, such as Black Belt Excellence lesson plans, nutrition and exercise science. Some of the most recognized schools in the country belong to Black Belt School International because of the high-quality instruction provided in these areas. Our instructors are tops in the industry and are experts in what we do. We are on a constant quest to be the best, so our students can always expect the very best in martial arts training.

When parents think about signing their kids up for karate, most often they are really looking for their child to be more focused, confident, have more self-esteem, believe in themselves, be stronger both mentally as well as physically, set goals and reach them.. the list goes on.

Black Belt Excellence

The Black Belt Excellence program shows parents that we really do actually teach more than punching and kicking. They can actually see those benefits of martial arts, those character building life skills, being taught to their children.

Find out why we are trusted to help deliver the character building life skills that go with martial arts training to over 10,000 kids.